Last Updated 12 Feb 2019


If you wish to be included in our Mailing List to notify dates for access to the village and  days when the church will be open,
please complete the boxes below


If you want to be removed from our Mailing List or have changed email address
please send an email to: ALTER MY MAILING LIST DETAILS

If you have any questions about your proposed visit to Imber or St Giles Church, please check out our Any Questions ? section for an answer before trying to contact Neil Skelton.

The Primary Contact for Information regarding St Giles Church at Imber is:

Mr Neil Skelton who can be contacted by email on:

Or by telephone: (mobile number) 07968 242 075

Please note that on days when St Giles Church is open, you will not be able to contact
Neil either by telephone (no signal in Imber !) or email as he will be at the church.

Neil is always very busy when the church is open and on days leading up to events.

If you want to talk with him about anything during your visit to Imber, please telephone
or email him well before the open days to arrange a time to meet.

Please do not email Neil Skelton if you want to join the Mailing List or want your name removed; please use one of the links at the top of this page.