Where is Vedette Post No 2 (VP2)

We are often told that a number of people cannot find Vedette Post No 2 (VP2) when access to Imber is only allowed by escorted convoy.

Escorted Convoy Entry

There are occasions when access to Imber is restricted by British Army activities on the Salisbury Plain Training Area.  On these published occasions access is only possible by escorted convoy both to and from Imber.  The usual meeting point for starting a convoy is the Warminster Vedette Post No 2 (VP2)

To find VP2 you will need to make your way to postcode BA12 0DJ which is at Warminster Waterloo Lines (formerly the Land Warfare centre) in Imber Road.  VP2 is about a further 0.5 miles up Sack Hill soon after passing the Tank Washdown  If using what3words for navigation then VP2 is at ///happily.flap.query