Last Updated 02 Mar 2017


Of the old ring of five bells only the third, by Abraham Rudhall 1721, remains as the fifth of the ring of ten at Edington Priory. The old treble by Thomas Mears 1827 and the remaining three bells recast by Mears & Stainbank in 1916 were scrapped in 1968.

In 2010 a light ring of six bells was hung in the old five-bell timber frame with the treble in a steel frame above.  The layout of the frame dictates that the ropes fall in an anti-clockwise circle.

Three images of the bells.  Click over an image to get a bigger version


Treble: John Taylor & Co. circa 1900 (ex Abbey Antiques, West Malling, Kent)

2nd: John Taylor & Co 2003 (Stock bell purchased from John Taylor & Co)

3rd: Charles & George Mears 1852 (ex Headington Priory, Oxford)

4th: Thomas C. Lewis, Brixton. 1878 (ex Coltness Memorial Church, Newmains, Strathclyde).

5th: Gillett & Co, Croydon 1888 (ex Grove House, Harrogate)

Tenor: Gillett & Co 1890 (ex Grove House, Harrogate) Weight 2-2-15 in E

The bells are generally available for peals, quarter peals and general ringing when the church is open to the public and as advertised on this website. We regret that the bells are not available at other times.  Please contact Neil Skelton on: 07968 242 075 or by email: