Last Updated 10 Oct 2019


 All requests for filming on the Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) should in the first instance be addressed to:

Adam Young on

 and not to Neil Skelton, who is Custodian of Imber church.  However, if in addition, or separately, permission is sought for filming inside Imber church this must be referred to:

Neil Skelton on 07968 242 075  email: 

 N.B. Under no circumstances will requests be granted to film inside the church during the hours of darkness or for ghost-related activities. It remains a consecrated building and is restricted in use as befits its status.

 Please give as much advance notice as possible to both contacts

Filming in the church will attract a fee as will filming on SPTA.  It should be remembered that as the military training area is in regular use public access outside of advertised open days is limited.